About Me
Bete Pontes

I was born in Angola from a family of Portuguese 1800's settlers. During the Angolan independence war, I travelled to neighbouring Namibia and then to South Africa, where I spent 2 months in various refugee camps until finding a job and settling in South Africa. Throughout my life I've stayed true to Africa, only leaving for family visits and overseas holidays. Starting in high school, I had a profound interest in art, passionately pursuing charcoal drawing, with some of my work often being exhibited at school. Moving on from high school and charcoal drawing, and with the help of experts in these fields, I started to refine my skills in other creative areas. These include fine art painting, photography and ultimately, digital art. Quickly after landing an interview about my digital paintings, (barely even a year after I started,) I began selling my digital art, and started growing an international clientele.